5GL-Doctor, Medical Diagnosis Aid/Expert System for Windows (32 or 64 bit), Suitable for the personal and professional user

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A medical diagnosis aid/expert system. Large database with thousands of medical condition names (diseases) associated with a symptom/sign/event pattern. Suitable for personal or professional user. Lab analysis and drug reactions separate functions. Entries in the database, in their description, are intended to aid diagnosis. These rarely contain a complex description, more clues and hints to diagnosis. Treatment information is for the general user only.


Need to relax? Who doesn’t? Enjoy good classical style science fiction?  Click on cover for link or search for Yipee Lulu.

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Book I Click here to go to www.lulu.com to order paperback

Book II Click here to go to www.lulu.com to order paperback

Sicilian Mafia themes. Book II is set in modern times. Book I in the 18th century.

Book II is perhaps the better one to begin with. If you go to lulu (links above) then click on preview for the first 15 or so pages of either book.

Back cover of Book II

Mark is an expert on cyber currency. Also author of a book on the Sicilian Mafia. Not organized crime but a way of business. A visit to Palermo and encounter with Maria blends that shadowy world and the Sicilian Mafia dimension – a psychic realm – that opens into the mind and projects images of past Mafia lives. In-between an affair and intrigue, Maria seems in danger, the Mafia dimension tells the story of Isabella and Louise and their marriage to the first ‘The Godfather’. The dimension reveals the mystery of one wife in heaven and one in the world. Joseph takes an interest in Mark's vision of developing new cyber currency. Mark's attitude wins respect in the 'family'. “Theresa. I spent years researching Mafia. The weapon of the government is propaganda. A bomb which killed two children said a Mafia attempt on Borsellino. No way. As for government having confiscated Mafia land in Sicily. No way. None were Mafia. Mafia, men and women of honor. Name a politician who is about honor not self-interest?

Back cover of Book I

A tale about the Sicilian Mafia in the 18th century. The Mafia's greatest growth period. A tale about the people who formed one large family and what led them to accept the Mafia Way of Life. The tale begins with Maria, head of a family, intent on seducing a priest. In 2013, the literally group Blueink declared the Most Elusive Scent of All as "compelling reading". Revised in 2018 and quite different to the 2013 version. The latter revision only available from Lulu.