5GL-Doctor, Medical Diagnosis Aid/Expert System for Windows (32 or 64 bit), Suitable for the personal and professional user

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A medical diagnosis aid/expert system. Large database with thousands of medical condition names (diseases) associated with a symptom/sign/event pattern. Suitable for personal or professional user. Lab analysis and drug reactions separate functions. Entries in the database, in their description, are intended to aid diagnosis. These rarely contain a complex description, more clues and hints to diagnosis. Treatment information is for the general user only.


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Above the short list from a full Analysis 1 analysis. Below (image B) only from mathematical probability analysis (an option). Almost identical. The mathematical algorithms form the core of the software but don’t take into account (directly) adjusting for various factors such as if child or adult, which country, how common or rare the condition is. The above and below are for demonstration purposes. Normally you wouldn’t use Required Matches of 1, and you may select the category of interest and a specific symptom that you want to see in each selected entry - in this case perhaps widespread rash. That reduces the number of items on the short list.

Image C is Chickenpox but this time the inquiry is different. The more specific you can be in your symptom/sign/event selection, the more accurate the results. (Not a bad result. It seems some child care workers have difficulty telling the rash of chickenpox from Prickly heat).

Image D is as yet another different inquiry which yields Chickenpox at the top.

You could obtain much the same using an IRC analysis as below. This one below is just matches, not probability figures.

Image B

Image C

Image D

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