5GL-Doctor, Medical Diagnosis Aid/Expert System for Windows (32 or 64 bit), Suitable for the personal and professional user

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A medical diagnosis aid/expert system. Large database with thousands of medical condition names (diseases) associated with a symptom/sign/event pattern. Suitable for personal or professional user. Lab analysis and drug reactions separate functions. Entries in the database, in their description, are intended to aid diagnosis. These rarely contain a complex description, more clues and hints to diagnosis. Treatment information is for the general user only.


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From a Selection List of symptoms/signs/events (over 12,000 items) select items that form the inquiry and click on the doctor’s icon. A short list of the most likely conditions is shown. You can select relevant history and that alters the results.

During in-house tests high accuracy in pinpointing the condition and the area of the brain likely involved such as basal ganglia.

Brain Symptoms Analysis

Analysis 1 - Expert System

Price is $US90 for a 2 year license. The software will expire after this time. Medical information especially drugs can change rapidly. That is one reason for a 2 year license. You can of course purchase and install again keeping your modified databases (if you have modified the supplied medical databases). Use PayPal (you can use your credit credit card; click the Pay Now button below or pay directly to email med5gl@gmail.com). First download and install version 10. That will generate a unique code you need to send to us to receive an activation code and password. Enter the link below in your top browser line (or click on link) to download 5GLDoctor10Setup.exe from a fast secure cloud server or click on Download to download from our domain.


License Details

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The medical database is adapted from Harrison’s, Merck, and other reputable medical sources. The information in the main database are summaries only because the intent of the software is to map correctly symptoms/signs/events and other key indicators, not to supply comprehensive medical information about any illness or medical condition. Thus much of the database, other than the presentation patterns and indicators, is more suitable for the personal user and not so much for the professional user. The Expert System nature of 5GL-Doctor relies on specific symptom/sign/event patterns, history and other information, and not a description of a particular medical condition. The actual database has provisions for treatment if you want to include such in detail.

At installation choose the spelling you prefer, Australian/British or International English. Explain in the Environment Setup window if you have a 64 bit or 32 bit computer (the latter becoming rarer) else the Windows installer will not find the files it needs to install. If you receive a missing DLL message (perhaps Windows lacking updates) contact us. Once alive, specify in the Country/Region field where you are located. (Some disease entries are country specific).

Download 5GL-Doctor For Personal or Professional Use

Personal Users

Know early warning signs.

Be better prepared to talk matters over with your doctor/nurse.

In-built and reasonably large medical dictionary allows you to mark a word and ask for its meaning. Contains relevant images to bring you up to speed.

Diagram assisted symptom/signs selection. Click on a body part. (A symptom is something you are aware about; a sign refers to something about you a doctor spots). Pardon the technical jargon please.

With over 12,000 specific easy to select items (symptoms/signs), anything you want to understand is likely already defined.

Conversations, dialogues, mainly for baby issues but also some menstrual issues and such. These adapted from a Medical Association source. You kind of talk with it, ticking off questions asked.

And if you are troubled by continual headaches or infections and your physician keeps saying migraine or viral illness, then you ought to check out the brain/psyche analysis function and then have a serious discussion with your physician. About 500 actual patient experiences included in the brain/psyche database.

Medical Professionals

The short lists jot memory of the professional; an invaluable guide to the personal user. Some medical conditions, actually many, are so rare a health professional may have forgotten such.

Medical people have used the software for some time. You can find references to 5GL-Doctor in some scholarly articles.

Impressive DDX short lists. (Usually differential diagnosis from medical sources is in the entry itself. The short list is a starting point.)

A large medical database whose main aim is to aid diagnosis. Not much about treatment; that is more for the personal user. Drugs and labs separate functions. You can design your own conversations which are medical algorithms in the form of dialogues. Some provided, for example to differentiate between Ectopic pregnancy and other conditions.

You can design your own presentations (these work with a remote hand held laser page mover). That feature is left over from so long (5GL-Doctor has been around for about 20 years).  A presentation on the brain included which you can modify to suit.

As long as the symptom/sign/event pattern on the database is correctly defined, likely near 100% accuracy in identifying the one condition that is likely to prove the diagnosis. (Some entries close to 20 years old, so many of these it is impossible to check all).

Are you part of a medical group interested in putting the software online? Inquire.


Wish to pay using bitcoins? Work out the amount and sent to wallet 19sVuD51EIH89xGrMmFCLket1MamIpzrFq


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