Sicilian Mafia
(Secrets of the Mafia - hypothetically of course)

Myths and legends have surrounded the Mafia in Sicily since perhaps the 12th century. Until 1950’s, the term ‘mafia’ meant a man or woman of honour. That term mafia is a modern term, before that ‘man of honour’ or ‘woman of honour’.

It is mainly the media and the law enforcement that label the Mafia as criminal. Little chance of a Mafiosi putting a gun to your head and telling you to sign your money away - that you will more likely find in Australian tribunals such as NCAT. Here landlords can make any claim and a person is threatened with eviction (being made homeless) unless he or she signs over most of their income to the landlord. Indeed, it is not the Mafia who what can be said sell some court orders, that you will find in Australian junior courts. Court orders known as AVOs are supposedly to protect a person from violence - in fact, these can also be used as the basis of scams such as to isolate family members from a terminally ill relative with dementia, and then get them to sign a new Last Will and Testament leaving all to the person with the court order.

Let us explain a hypothetical situation on these pages. Having considered the values and integrity of courts of law and public service departments that appear to look after those with very low incomes - it is the Mafia that comes out looking Holy. Some may take offence at this. As to why? The novel on the left paints a realistic picture as to why. Honour, not greed, not courts of law there to protect the rich from the poor in the main - because the poor can’t afford legal services so they can be easily taken advantage off and bow down and give up. The very reason the honoured society came about. Justice for all, rich and poor alike.

Why? Think carefully. In Australia with only just more than 20 million people, it is claimed by those who research this that over 1 million Australian live in poverty. What makes that possible? In the first a instance the police who protect the rich from the poor; then courts of law which don’t care in the slightest if a person has to eat dog food as long as he or she hands over to wealthy landlords as much as is possible to extract. In Australian courts, any two parties disputing over an estate, are likely to pay more in legal fees than the value of the estate. An ancient tradition of keeping the poor very poor and the rich very rich.

Of course there are exceptions. Some Mafiosi may be criminals; some magistrates or tribunal members in Australia may have ethics. Italian experts on the Mafia point out that living in super expensive mansions and driving super expensive cars is more the norm among Italian politicians, not Mafiosi.

The Sicilian Mafia has been a Way of Life shrouded in secrecy. The Sicilian term “Cosa Nostra’ means ‘Our Thing’ or “Our Way of Life”. To appreciate its origins, the tumulus history of Sicily need to be laboured through.

Available from LULU. In 2008 a book review concluded ‘compelling reading’. About the people who formed the Mafia in the 18th century with a special focus on Mafia women.

The Secrets of the Mafia

As The Most Elusive Scent of All hints at this, a super psychic Mafiosi in the 18th century stumbled onto a technique of communication unknown to the world at large then, or now. Only certain types of psychics understand the technique. We could call it mental telepathy but it is much more than this. A controller, for example, could connect to the minds of two say henchmen and project into their head a mental image. That image may convey where to meet or what this is about. As to time and date, that is not relevant. The image is formed in such a way that it binds the NATURAL WILL so that two or more people will meet, neither knowing exactly when or how or what time. Once met, vague language and hand gestures can be used to correlate the information in the original mental image.

(Left: Plaque on the walls of Palermo University. Names of two magistrates (prosecutors) who set off on a Mafia hunt. The first was killed in a bomb blast against which his bullet proof car and police escort stood no chance. The second while surrounded by five bodyguards. In a way it is a war. The Italian government had passed laws by which almost anyone can be accused of being associated with the Mafia, a charge impossible to defend, and their property confiscated. This type of oppression is what gave birth to the Mafia in the first place, oppression by various rulers of Sicily such as Spain. People could not depend on justice from the controlling powers - they could on Mafia. In The Most Elusive Scent of All, the Mafia is not about being super wealthy even though Mafia families are, that is more the ambition of politicians and bankers and executives of corporations. The Mafia was first and foremost about looking after their own - but their own encompassed much of Sicily.)

Did you know? Not that long in Sicily the Mafia hunters tapped the telephones of many suspected Mafiosi. They didn’t understand for years that one of the Mafia hunters doing this was a Mafiosi. So, all that expensive tapping led to no information of any kind, just ordinary conversations.

Did you know if you take the train from Italy to Sicily, it is broken up and put on a ferry that carries the carriages to Messina. At this point two police officers and a big dog are likely to come into the carriages. Looking for what exactly? A good question because according to American FBI the American Mafia are drug traders - and yet according to Italian intelligence such say the Mafia becomes involved in drugs only indirectly. The FBI may have a coloured view of the Mafia related to the 1963 JFK assassination. Who else can accomplish the impossible? The person who killed Oswald, the man accused of the shooting, a Jack Ruby, was a well known Mafiosi. In the Most Elusive Scent of All, there is one such assassination and then a traditional protocol is used - the assassin himself is killed. It is a tradition.

The main business of modern Mafia is public works. The Mafia is not solely in Sicily. They have a presence in many countries including Australia - a town called Griffith is known as the ‘capital’ of Australian Mafia. Curious because if you ever go to this central remote town, you may wonder why anyone would consider making this country town their headquarters. As to how public works? Well, simple, a tender for public works is announced in the papers; a Mafia business applies with a large - sometimes extremely large - quote. The others who provide quotes tend to be persuaded - who knows how - to revoke their bids. So much so in some cases two police officers have to be present when a valuation of such a quote is being done by officials. The other main business is to ensure Mafia families are protected in Sicily and other places. Somehow, those who want to compete with an existing family business, tend to become discouraged. But this can be very subtle, so much so it may only take one simple gesture of a hand by a man in Palermo walking past a public works bidder, for that bidder to change their mind about his bid.

While there are no doubt Mafiosi who are very wealthy, the bulk are probably ordinary people in Sicily and other places.

The Mafia Heaven (click here for part 2) (a novel being worked on - but is it true?)

(Left: not far from central Palermo and close to the Mediterranean sea, a Monument to the Mafia. Clearly the Mafia is a tourist attraction. Indeed, in Messina a taxi driver will take you on a ‘Godfather Tour‘- at Mafia prices! Given such an attraction, is the plaque above in memory of two murdered magistrates a true memory - or another tourist attraction?)

In some situations the human brain produces a type of energy that does not understand a spatial distance. This dimensional energy automatically blends with similar dimensional energy, producing a dimensional space which can become a ‘dimension’ in its own right. In this dimension strong visual imagery can form, and images of persons, and these can learn to talk and communicate. In such a dimension a large city can be designed. Virtual reality of course but ever so effective.

Unless you experience such a heaven, it is almost impossible to explain why it is so sought after. Indeed, a person may give away all their wealth just to regularly participate in such a mental interaction. A comparison. Some psychics say a bona-fide psychic would prefer to lose an arm than their psychic gift. Why? It is just the way it is with some people.

There is a strong physical attraction between young men and women. Nature. In a Mafia heaven, the attraction is perhaps 100 times stronger but it is not related to sex. Again, hard to explain or quantify.

A Walk in Heaven

IMAGINE a white building. Imagine strongly because it can be almost like true life. A man and a woman are walking into this building. Both perhaps thirty in appearance. Maria in a black evening gown. Long black hair. Lovely striking Sicilian features. The man with her in a dark ‘dark lord’ outfit with a helmet. Two guards stand at the entrance, at the automatic doors. These are there to ensure no psychic not part of this Mafia group can enter this dimension - what happens to a psychic who tries? Mass confusion that can lasts for days or weeks. So bad some who experienced this suggest a death wish might be easier to cope with.

“So what is this?” Maria asks as the two walk into a large science-like room. Many men and women in white coats at what may seem scientific apparatus of some kind.

The dark lord, Darth, looks about and calls the workers to him. His flow, much like natural speech deep and noble. “Human life is short. Greed is the dominant ambition in Man. In 2004 in one country we hit an entire police force and lower judiciary with our mind weapon. We now know it works. Those who protect the haves from the have naught, do not die with the death of the flesh. They become our guinea pig farm. Of course, we know it would work when we hit those Mafia hunters tapping telephones. Hardly any remained not one of us.”

“Stand up straight.” Maria says to a worker, then smiles at her man and comes close to the dark lord and puts her hand around his upper arm.

“Let us not lose sight than many police are fine people individually, but in the final analysis such would not hesitate to kill or imprison you or your children to protect the super greed of the banks and similar groups. Have no interest in courts of law. These are machines whose primary purpose is about making money for lawyers. Sure, now and then these can be useful - but most of the time only if you can afford the huge costs of legal services. Then you are acceptable to these courts, but if you are relatively poor you are not. We know that truth. Unlike most who deny this truth to themselves we don’t, that is what makes us what we are. Look. Most police are reasonably low intelligence. It is natural to such to truly believe he or she is protecting the community, not the super banks. Fair enough.”

Maria smiled at her man and imagined his helmet off and brushed his hair with her hand. She wriggled her nose at him. “You should have been born a Sicilian.”

Darth nods, his helmet is back on, he continues. “Be mindful of what you and we are. We have the weapon, mind technology, to wipe out an army or an entire police force. But what good is that to us? Consider Sicily. What if we removed all police? Actually, Sicily is not a good example because most are under our favour system. But, you know what I mean. Chaos. We live in a world of greed and laws to protect and enhance that greed. If we removed courts of law by removing all judiciary, much the same chaos. Those in the judiciary do have a skill but few people can afford the legal costs to make use of that skill. So our hands are tied because - what does it matter to us? We now have control of a number of key public service departments in Australia as well. As to how - no one can even imagine. Those who content with any of you, end up with the fishes or become a part of our WILL without understanding how. Do not worry about too much in all this. We have … controls … in place. Need to understand basis is our policy. If you need to understand, we will find you and you will understand.”

“Darth.” One of the scientists speaks. “If someone reads the Science of Life including dimensional energy physics, they could put it together as to how we do this. There are many highly intelligent people in the world.”

“True, but to understand something and to believe is another matter. Each one of you was passed the physics we use in your dreams. You put it together and in so doing found our heaven - but did you believe it before you found our heaven? No. So, no matter how many experts on physics and psychiatry come together in a think tank to make sense of our mind weapons and techniques, it is not possible to believe without experiencing. Have no fear.”

“And rest assured.” Maria explains. “Our two guards at the door will protect our mystery - one way or another. Those who come in the spirit, tend to shy away confused. And those who come too close in true life, tend to have accidents.”

The scientists return to their work. Maria and Darth, he now in a man image not the dark lord, walk outside into sunlight and a green lawn and find a long seat.

“How is the Australian defence project going?” She leans close to her man, her flow soft sensual, a sense of an elusive perfume.

“Almost there, my lovely one. Connections of forty minds now. Our slaves, our puppets, and none has any idea how. From those minds a dimension begins and it is ours to control and set. A few may die in the flesh though, a side effect. Working on that side effect.”

“We can start doing business? Assigning … missions?”

“Not quite. I need to isolate the Supreme Court from the project. Lower courts or tribunals are not particularly useful, but the higher courts can be. Best to isolate these from mind technology.”

“Uhm. Need some … muscle?”

“Not yet, but the time may come when those who … annoy us … when such least expect it … to hell they go.”

“Give me some names please. We are a … union … a marriage.”

“Not needed, not yet.”

“Give me at least one name please, dear.”

“If you insist. First name. Think of the English version of your recently deceased grandmother. Surname? Think that time we went to Corleone and the Mafia museum. Focus memory on the fourth poster on the large facing wall that met us. Recall that name? The actual surname a play with the letters of that name.”

“Si. Address?”

“Uhm. Recall Luigi in Palermo? The eating place we went to? That’s the number. Remember the fruit we had? That the key to a suburb. The street name is ….”

Maria put a finger on his lips and shook her head. “Don’t tell me that. I will send Marcello. Let him do some detective work on his own. Know his latest technique? Rather funny, I thought. He lays behind a car and puts his hand under and attaches a magnetic tracking device. It is funny because Marcello is such a large man in volume.” She laughed.

“If you insist, dear. Tell Marcello there is no rush at all. No rush.”

“I will, but he may not listen. Once he has a mission - he can’t be stopped. He loves his reward - a walk in our heaven.”

“The money not bad either.” Darth looks at his woman.

“Comes in handy, I guess.” Maria shrugs.

“There is a bikie group. When Marcello is next online, I will send him a mental projection. This particular group only deals in soft drugs, marihuana mainly. They are looking for … well … some additional camouflage shall we say.”

“I leave that to you.”

“I have a think tank working on that. So far excellent results. Marcello may want to get to know some of them. Could prove useful.”

They stand, and walk, hand in hand, to what seems a narrow corridor formed by tall trees. Once in the corridor, a prison-like large structures. Images of men and woman, seemingly silent and still, behind bars standing or sitting.

“I love this.” Maria smiled as they walked on. “The super rich shit of the world - death no longer possible. Wow.”

“In truth, our greatest achievement.” Darth nodded. “While one child in the world is hungry, or lacks medical services, we are at war our way. Those who make it possible - the way we look at this - come to this prison beyond the flesh.”

So What is All That About?

It is a code. A code those who know, know, others don’t. It is impossible to decipher this code without understanding it. This is the problem Italian Mafia hunters always had. The language of the Mafiosi is oblique and vague. They understand one another with few words and few hand gestures. In fact, at times their talk may sound like nonsense to a listener - even gibberish.

But - how open are the Mafia in Sicily? Well, if you say catch a local bus in Palermo Sicily, say a few times during peak hour, chances are you will observe a young man walking into the bus at a stop, turning to another close to the door, giving him a kiss, and walking off to the other end of the bus. A traditional Mafia punishment for minor disputes between two of their own?

Indeed, one well known authority and author on the Mafia pointed out in his book that the question “Who in Sicily is Mafia?” is not the best question to ask. The better question is “Who in Sicily is not Mafia.”

It is a Way of Life, an ancient Way of Life, absolutely secret and mysterious to outsiders. Of course, the modern Mafia had their disputes. Indeed, one area close to Palermo is known in one period in the last century as having the most killings in the world outside a war. (Maybe in the last 50 years the Latin drug lords and their armies have passed that ‘honour’).

Let’s Continue

The virtual reality that formed was a road in Palermo, Sicily. Maria in a brief white dress - very brief in fact - lovely long shapely legs to one side, in the passenger seat. A man driving. At this point an overlap. In a way Darth blends with the male driver, replacing him. Notice what is happening? A physical reality, a real-life situation, is mapped onto a virtual reality - that technique enhances the imagery and the effect considerably.

“Lovely legs. Do this often?” Darth, now driving, asks.

“Expose my white panties? Only to you.” She smiles.

“I meant come to Palermo along this road. Lovely avenue. One of the best tree lined avenues I have come across.”

“Very busy too. Want to shop? Sightsee? Or straight to business? Why did you do that in Messina?”

“Do what?”

“By the station. A couple of young men asked for a cigarette. You gave them the packet.”

“You saw that in your mind’s eye? Wow. I am impressed. The young man gave a Mafia finger signal.”

“Oh. I didn’t pick that up. Why is he asking people for cigarettes? He would have a job if he knew that.”

“Made me curious too, but I don’t speak Italian.”


“Even worse.” Darth laughed. “Some Italians claim they can’t even understand Sicilian.”

The ride continued to a beach, imagery overlapping quickly at times. The two stepped out. A group of men and women sat on seats at a restaurant by the Mediterranean. Darth and Maria, holding hands, walked to them and sat down. Wine sipped. Pleasantries exchanged.

“Ladies and gentlemen.” Darth began. “I don’t speak Sicilian or Italian - but you hear me as if I do. That’s because it is a sense language. Human thoughts are sense, these convey a though between people, the brain translates this thought into your own natural language.”

Wine sipped. Darth continued.

“Now, when you are one of us, things will happen. Whether you are in the States, or Australia, or England, or France - when we come together for a meeting, this virtual reality is one settings we use.”

More wine sipped. Darth continued.

“None of you are likely to meet a true Mafiosi in true life. None of you are likely to meet one another. Not necessary. What we agree to at meetings and conferences, comes to pass in a way you don’t need to understand how. I know this sounds mysteries but if you are ever caught, you won’t have much to tell, will you?”

Laughter and amusement.

“Business comes first. Always think business - even if that means taking a temporary setback. Think of the longer term. Now, what do we want from you in exchange for you accessing now and then our heaven? From time to time you will KNOW what is required. KNOW is in fact a fundamental force of physics in the cosmos. With practise, you will respond naturally to KNOW. Most of the time we will need each of you to pursue a certain issue, this in a certain way. Words you will write down will flow to you as needed. What might appear as wind or waffle, will be exact and precise constructs worked out by neuroscientists and psychiatrists. Anyone who contends with us, it may seem to such a win, but not long after their mind will explode. Not literally, but the mind is strong energy formed from a baby age. When it explodes, our dimension - the Sicilian Mafia Dimension of Life - will replace essential constructs in the brain. Any questions?”

Not really. The young men clearly more interested in Maria’s lovely shapely legs than anything else. The young women quite taken by the Darth as a man image, many smiling at him.

Darth continued. “What are our marks? Public servants at senior levels. Magistrates and judges and similar, but not at the very top levels. Bank executives. Any highly paid executive. We don’t want politicians, that’s a total waste of life for most. We don’t need soldiers. We do need some police but these become ours. What I mean is this. Yes, we can recruit a police officer across our telepathic plane, but true confirmation can only take place on the physical level. A simple test can do this. If we need to confirm a police officer, one of ours might find the police car and drive past and through say a STOP sign. The police car will pursue. The cars pull over. Our man uses hand gestures to the police officer who is our target. He will then respond in words using specific phrases. That is how we know we have our man - or woman.”

Someone asked a question of Maria - why?

She leant forward. “Because sweets when it comes to the real work, with the fishes as the Godfather movies say, being dressed as a police officer is our usual way. Two police officers. One is ours, the other is our enforcer and not real police.”

“That’s the theory. In a well known American hit, two New York police officers, both Mafiosi, made a public execution which was so bad they were quickly traced and arrested.” Darth added.

More wine, more soft chatter.

“Shall we go to the movies?” Maria asked everyone.

The ‘movie’ is a flowing mental virtual reality which could be a story, could have cartoon images and characters, or close to true-life. In this ‘movie’, it begins with the opening chapter of the Most Elusive Scent of All. Not exactly the same but adapted to the movie. The film opens with two fine black horses pulling a splendid black closed carriage with emblems on the side of the doors glistening in the sun. At the front Pedro, an ox of a man, sitting and holding the reigns. The horses are quite quick. Inside a most attractive young woman - Maria - but the Maria from this setting takes over that role - heading to Salermo. On her mind the seduction of a Roman Catholic priest, Father Franko. She, head of one of the largest Mafia families of the time, is determined to make the priest a ‘Mafia Priest’. A plan she formed when younger, a plan which required her to remain chaste - a virgin.

The scene changes to the inside of a church. Darth as Father Franko is busy at the altar studying a note left under the church door. The church held a wedding this morning and many bouquets of flowers, all smelling heavenly, were around the priest. Pretty young women wore much scent too and that was in the air. Father Franko was not only studying it, he was smelling it because the note has an elusive scent, like perfume.

In a room full of mirrors I saw her face to face.

One of a number of notes with a mysterious theme. The day before a note “In the garden of mirth she came to me.”

Maria walks to him. “May I confess my sins, Father?”

Father Franko looked up, startled. He had not heard the lovely young woman approach. “This way, my child.” He pointed to a confessional - a tall box with a black curtain over it.

Kneeling inside, her face to a wooden window, she said softly with head low. “I am not longer a virgin, Father.”

In these days of extreme poverty where an eight year old might be walking with a five year old wondering where to find the money to feed her young daughter, attractive pretty women came to the Mafia door and offered their services in special brothels. Father Franko was not judgemental about such matters, knowing the poverty of the time made attractive young women do things their hungry stomach compelled them to do.

“Are you pregnant, my child?”

“Heaven forbid! I would kill the newborn!” Maria replied.

Father Franko was deeply shocked. What he could not have known an elusive thought that came to Maria. “No, but I will be, with your child, not that I will be in truth but you will not know that. When I return from abroad, you will be presented with a son. No shortage of mothers selling their young babies in Sicily, such is the poverty of the times.”

Mafiosi 10 Commandments

You may need to be a Mafiosi to correctly understand these. Example: “look at wives” in Sicilian may not translate exactly or accurately in English. There is “look” and there is “look”. Same with others example pub and club. In Italian ‘locale’ or ‘pubblico’ and you would need to be told exactly what is being referred to - possibly refers only to the local taverns or may not even refer to pub or club but may mean “dont seek an audience in a tavern”. Translation from one language to another does not always work correctly unless you are able to clarify a sentence. In addition, Italy had dialects. Some Italians say it was almost impossible to understand the Sicilian dialect - which means this English translation may not be very good. According to The Most Elusive Scent of All, the key to Mafia Sicilian is not how a word is written - it is how it is said. Putting emphasis on certain words can alter the apparent written meaning altogether. These commandments were found on a piece of paper in the lodgings of a man arrested as a Mafiosi (not in English).

The Mafia language has been described by Italian newspapers as “typically oblique language of Mafiosi”.

1. No one can present himself directly to another of our friends. There must be a third person to do it.

2. Never look at the wives of friends.

3. Never be seen with police.

4. Don't go to pubs and clubs.

5. Always be available for Cosa Nostra, even if your wife is about to give birth.

6. Appointments must be respected.

7. Wives must be treated with respect.

8. When asked for any information, the answer must be the truth.

9. Money cannot be appropriated if it belongs to others or to other families.

10. People who can't be part of Cosa Nostra are anyone with a close relative in the police, with a two-timing relative in the family, anyone who behaves badly and doesn't hold to moral values.


Absolute silence and secrecy - "omerta" - must be kept at all times.

Mafia initiation ritual

"I swear to be faithful to Cosa Nostra. If I should betray it, my flesh must burn, just as this image burns.”

(Note number 3. Perhaps this may explain why, if you go to Palermo, now and then you might see a person walk across the street to avoid passing by a policeman going the other way on the side of the street the person was on before? What about 2? Women do go shopping-  perhaps this refers to this type of situation.)