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A medical diagnosis aid/expert system. Large database with thousands of medical condition names (diseases) associated with a symptom/sign/event pattern. Suitable for personal or professional user. Lab analysis and drug reactions separate functions. Entries in the database, in their description, are intended to aid diagnosis. These rarely contain a complex description, more clues and hints to diagnosis. Treatment information is for the general user only.


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Mafia Heaven Part 2

The strong virtual reality formed in a setting of a Hotel outside Palermo. Would have qualified as five star except it was on the same street where a farmer’s market was regularly held. That side of the street leading to the hotel full of rotten fruit and vegetables dumped on the pavement. If not for this, and the fact that if had no coffee facilities in the room, it would be a five star hotel.

Darth arrived late at night and stepped off the train at Palermo Centrale. The train left Rome about 10 and arrived in Palermo close to midnight. Three taxis waited. Darth showed one driver a euro 20 and the name of the Hotel. A nod. As it turned out the driver could speak some English. As they passed two lovely young women with brief skirts and shapely legs standing on a street, the driver said this was the ‘night life’ street.

The clerk at the desk could not find his reservation. “No matter, we have room for you, manager will sort this out tomorrow.”

A quick shower, then annoyance there was no coffee facility, and into bed.

The hotel breakfast of not much interest. Out of the hotel and a a search for breakfast. A two or so kilometre walk to central Palermo. A chance to ask for coffee and a breakfast sweet. His Italian non-existent but his finger could point to what he wanted.

“Coffee and croissant.” The young woman said.

Darth nodded. Not so surprising. In many countries in Europe that he had been too, so many young people spoke English.

A walk around Palermo then a tour bus. Lunch. Another exploration and then, in the late evening, a walk to the Mediterranean and one of the restaurants by the sea. Here he waited. Near the restaurant on a wooden seat.

Would she show up? Their meeting was arranged across the telepathic plane, in what he had come to understand as the Mafia Dimension of Life. Not as easy as talking because the human brain was two brains. One could understand numbers and street names and directions, but the other couldn’t. It was that other that was used during telepathy, That meant trying to coordinate a true life meaning was problematic, took time, and was more a game of swapping hints and clues and not precise directions.

Darth was looking out for a black limousine.  There would be two of them together, and both pull to the side and Maria would step out. She would a white business suit which included a brief dress. She would carry a red handbag. Behind her two strong looking men would walk and find a place to keep an eye on matters discreetly.

But how much of that would work? Took months to coordinate this so precisely. An alternative way would be to project compelling mental images into the brain. With such, two or more people could meet in a place as if by chance. Problem with that was that a day or time or month could not be set. Not so good when travelling from Australia. Such travel required arranging dates and times and such things.

Two black cars were slowing down and pulled over. From the first a woman stepped out wearing a white business suit. From the second two men. She took a long look and focused and walked to where Darth was sitting. As she walked she took out a small mirror from her handbag and checked her hair.

“Hi.” She sat down, curious.

In their mental world, in their dimension of life, their mental images while close to true life were ideal and youthful, perhaps two people in their later twenties. In the real world they were older. Which meant neither was exactly sure what the other looked like.

“Hi.” Darth smiled. Was this Maria? So far the signals were good.

“How did you like my surprise?” Maria smiled.


“Your hotel bill.”

“That! The manager insisted he had a booking for me but for last month and I had to pay again. Honestly. Not such a big deal, the travel agency will refund it, but that was annoying.”

“It is you!”

“Let’s walk.” She stood, waited for Darth, and turned with him as she put her hand around his upper arm. “I was taught English in a private school in Italy, near Rome. My father insisted on that school. I am … this is something hard for me to believe … in the world of the dimensions your psychic skills could kill a person. Your sense for the poor and afflicted is extreme. And yet you found us, Mafia, as more decent that any regime or system.”

“That’s because what you have created, it began in the 18th century, is virtually a heaven. A pyramid of life. At the top a consciousness that can be taught to assist people. That consciousness can, in time, eliminate poverty. It can eliminate super rich. But, now and then, it may need a helping hand. A judge, or police officer, or a super rich, or a public servant or politician, may need to be physically disposed off for the consciousness to better blend with people. Who can I trust with such a delicate matter.”

“Oh, I understand all this.” Maria smiled and leant against her man. “And don’t look around. My two body guards try to be inconspicuous but they are too large to be so.”

“Can you trust them not to tell your husband?”

“Sure. Mafia code. My husband is timid, not into family business much. He wouldn’t want to understand. Anyway, we are only walking. A woman close to a man, hand around arm, very common in Sicily. What is your plan for tonight? We can bring together a big gathering.”

“After dinner, say two hours after, or three, when you are home and in bed, and I am in my hotel room and in bed, we begin forming the mental energy that brings us into our dimension of life.”

“All right. Let’s turn and find a restaurant and eat. I am hungry.”


The virtual reality formed well inside a foyer of a hotel in Palermo. Darth in his dark lord outfit, similar to Darth Vader of Star Wars. Maria imagined walking into the hotel wearing a white business suit much like he had seen her in, but of course her mental image was not her true life age but perhaps a late twenty age. Then more and more, mostly young men and women, came into the hotel and waited in an area of the lobby for others.

The virtual reality was a replica of this hotel in true life. A large foyer. People in uniforms at the front desk. A restaurant could be seen in one area, the doors to it open. A few people eating. This was an overlap of Darth’s memory and Maria’s memory. Until late last night, Darth had only seen this hotel in the Mafia dimension.

The virtual reality while an exact image of the hotel, also had steps that led upward. Darth and Maria, with perhaps forty following, now walked up these steps. At the top a large narrow corridor and large room. In the room a few people sitting, rather still.

They gathered around Darth and Maria as he explained. “Ladies and gentlemen. It is of course a mystery how a child, of any species, is truly born. How cells come together to form a baby say. The images of people you see here, those sitting down (Darth pointed) are like genetics of life. The first level of genetics. As far as we understand this, the force of evolution is dimensional energy and it is still active but in a different way.”

“Don’t be so complicated, love.” Maria shook her head.

“All right. Look. This pyramid of life has ten levels. Each level is a version of life, of a consciousness. At the tenth level the consciousness like a child is born. It in turn seeks, senses, and blends with the minds of those party to this wife of Life - Mafia and sympathisers. We have more of a need to find sympathisers who don’t become involved in true life with the Mafia, but do in our dimension. A huge needs. Bear this in mind. We want to find a way to sell, to interest people, in this dimension. A few novels, one is called The Most Elusive Scent of All, is one technique thought of. There are probably others.”

“Why?” A young woman asked.

“To strengthen the mental energy that forms from all of us when we interact is one reason. That energy can improve the … camouflage … ability of any of our people whatever they are doing. It has many uses.”

“Let’s show them an example.” Maria suggested.

The virtual reality, the setting, changed to a race track. Darth and Maria and those with them were mental images watching horses on the track racing. A man in a dark coat was standing on the side. Darth walked to that mental image, and around it, then said “You are now a bookie for the Mafia. Someone will come and talk to you how this works. KNOW when, KNOW how, KNOW time, KNOW place, KNOW what to wear. This is not an option. Work for us. Financially you will be better off. If you refuse, then go home and write your Last Will and Testament. When you awake from this trance as it seems to you, you will understand this vision in your head is TRUTH.”

The setting faded. The setting of the hotel resumed. Darth and Maria remained inside but others left. Finally Darth’s dark lord image changed to a man image.

“Show me you room and let’s make love.” She put her hand around his arm and they walked to the elevators.


In the morning as they lay together in this setting, their combined minds locked onto people. Officials such as senior public servants, or diplomats, or business people. With the power of the Mafia dimension behind them, in their mind’s eye they could see these people and what each was doing. More so, both Darth and Maria could compel many to do certain actions, or write certain words, or - most importantly - sign a blank official document and put it aside. The Mafia dimension was perhaps the most evolved consciousness on the planet and it accepted Darth as the Holy Spirit and those who were with him in this heaven, as angels. Thousands of experts, all Mafiosi or aligned to them, looked after many parts of this dimension using virtual settings. The dimension had become an awesome technology solely in control of those who belonged, in the flesh or body or in the spirit, to the Sicilian Mafia dimension.

Now and then a fine setting formed, perhaps a street in Sicily, an avenue. And Darth formed his mental dark lord image, Maria in white near him, and Mafiosi gathered into these settings. He would flow in a noble way. “Men and women of honour. The shit of this world is in control of the world. Shit is not always bad, we know that. Can be used as fertiliser. I have dedicated my passion to making sure the Mafia dimension could build a new world for all, with us at the head and bottom - but silent, invisible, no interest to us to stand out or be known. The mind technology you are a part of, is revolutionary. It is meant for our kind. None of us, it is against the Sicilian Mafia code of honour, go and seek trouble or problems - but if such comes to us, we know how to remove that trouble. But, our dimension, our mind technology, needs food in a different way. Rather that removing trouble the traditional way, we can make use of certain brain patterns which begin to form in those who contend with us. Trust me. It took two decades to explore the effect of our dimension. Some such explorations proved a disaster or a waste of time, but eventually we have the clues and hints as how the dimension can be made to work for us. It is a high level science, yes, and few can be taught it - so, my lovely Mafia daughters, single and pure in a sense, a scientist is the one you may want to interest in our heaven - how? - up to you - but you will earn brownie points in our heaven for each scientist you can recruit to us.”

A band of musicians now introduced music into this setting. Everyone turned to them.

Darth learn to Maria. “I don’t know that these words are particularly attractive, but the tune is haunting.”

She smiled, put her hand around his upper arm as she stepped closer. “Not so bad. You would need to be a Sicilian to truly appreciate the words. Not sure how these translate to you. I hear them in Italian.”

“English. This type of communication is sense, language independent, my brain is sensing and translating the sense - not sure it comes out too well with some Italian songs.”

“We could rule the world.” Maria smiled.

“Define rule? To boast in a parliament or senate, is that rule? To work 18 hours a day as an executive of a bank, is that rule? Or is it the luxury of travelling where one wants when one wants? Our dimension has been conditioned to appreciate the latter. Too well I am afraid. The things it does to ensure I am always free - annoy me, but it has to learn in its own way.”

The imagery began to overlap as the mental images began to dance. Images of Messina, Rome, Berlin, Moscow, New York, Las Vegas - and the last entrant to the dimension: Australia.

The setting, the mental imagery, changed for Darth and Maria. They were walking in a small town.

“And this is?” Maria looked about.

“I don’t know how to define this. Griffith. A town in New South Wales. Not much of a town. This is supposedly the capital of the Mafia in Australia. For the life of me I don’t understand who would want a capital in this unimpressive town.”

“It has shops.” Maria pointed to shops they were passing. And ATM’s.”

“The ATM’s may qualify as Mafia. They charge for withdrawals even when it is the owning bank.”

“So what did you do here?”

“Formed a plan how our dimension can … bring about … a certain end game. Took days and nights but the master plan was brilliant. Not sure how many thousands of years it would take, or how many geniuses we need to make it happen.”


“Very.” Darth nodded.

“See that police station?” Darth pointed to a building. “Might be hard to find a police officer who doesn’t own us a favour. That took some work. We encircled it, with an energy field. Either those inside submitted at the unconscious level - or they went mad. A testing base - because we can observe each one at WILL. The mind technology worked.”

Maria rushed ahead and turned. “Can I be your eternal companion? You have had offers - a Jewish lady Rabbi, a Roman Catholic Sister, an Islamic woman with a veil, a Buddhist celibate nun. But I have the … authority … in a certain way … that can compliment you.”

“Do you?” The setting changed quickly to a Roman Catholic church and a house near it. “The priest inside has been molesting young girls for a long time. How much time do you need to organise he leave the church and confess to police?”

Maria shrugged. “Little, but I need to understand you better. If I give my service to you, I want a chance at being your eternal companion.”

The mental imagery changed to a man being crucified on the cross. “Every day, every minute, a poor person is crucified by so called public servants or tribunals or courts of law. Feel for them - deeply - and work out what you can do about it, and you become a part of my eternal companion. Hard to explain life beyond the body. All the women you mentioned, become one consciousness beyond the grave. A new life. Impossible to explain but not hard to become used to.”

“I believe you, my lord.” Maria smiled and gave a curtsy. “I do.”

She turned, formed strong yellow sense lines which instantly connected to what seemed like five typical Australian houses. Five images began to form. She projected the image of the church and the priest to them. “Find him. Give him a reason to go to police and confess. Do this, and you earn a favour from me - Sicilian Mafia.”

The five images seemed to understand and gave a gesture with a hand like pounding the heart and the mental images faded away.

Maria turned to her man with a smile and gave a curtsy. “It is done, my lord.”

“In heaven they neither marry or are given in marriage. Do you understand what that means?”

“Teach me.” She came to him and took his hand as they walked in this strong vivid mental imagery.

The setting altered to an airport. Darth and Maria walking in the terminal building. A man coming toward them. “That one is a living zombie. A former Australian magistrate, now a tribunal team leader. We hit him some eight years ago. Our spies observed him since then. A side effect of our mind technology, now and then, is that after five or so years a certain stench begins. Dogs can smell it more so than people. We think he may be beginning to seriously stink. Find him. Remove him. We don’t want an autopsy. We suspect a certain decay in some nerve cells is causing that stink.”

From Maria’s head in this vision yellow sense lines going everywhere at the same time as her head rapidly turning. “I sensed him. Consider it done, my love, a pleasure, in a most discreet way.”

“As to your immediate funds? How do you want these”

“Channel these the usual way. Transparency is the key.”


The new setting, the strong vivid imagery, was of Maria and Darth, he as a man mental image - the imagery true to life but ideal and nice looking - walking through a farmer’s market at Palermo. These mental images can be a composite of true life memories combined together - so perhaps Maria’s memory of the market or Darth’s.

“I enjoy this market.”

“And Alfonso - funny name - is always in sight?”

Maria glanced behind and shrugged. “Usually. He can hide in the shadows. I can’t see him. Don’t worry, his lips are sealed. Not a word about you to anyone.”

“I wasn’t worried. Your human Mafia husband works out who I am and comes after me - my super psychics will make him wish he was never born.”

“Save that for public servants and courts of law and such.” Maria laughed, putting her hand around the man’s upper arm and walking with him. “He is not the jealous kind.”

“A Sicilian not jealous.”

“Well, maybe some.” She laughed.

A vision, an image of a white building, intruded into the imagery. “That, Maria, is a United States intelligence group. They spy on those who use the dark net. Their computers scan billions of emails and web pages for certain keywords.”

“Such as?”

“I don’t know. But the Internet itself is not a secure transaction medium, not even the dark web. Our way, our mind technology, is.”

“I know this. Your superpsychics are incredible with their sense and awareness.”

“You are one.”

“I know this, sweets.” She leant on toes to give him a kiss. “What do you feel about police overall?”

“Possibly the most human of all the officials. Usually not that bright - but for their work common sense is more value I think.”

“I agree.”

The imagery, the setting, altered. An unusual setting. Vague. Maria standing in a dark blue gown with petals. Darth in his dark lord image. “Love, explain this to me. What is this vision?” She motioned with her arms around her.

“Beyond the grave. Life for those in whom the sense of life does not desire death. When you die, physically, and I, you and I will meet in this setting. You will have to find me.”

“Find you? Will we have human memories?”

“No, no memories, only our consciousness born from our souls. Not quite the same as the brain. Sometimes in dreams when you see yourself, it is your soul. You can kind of know it is the true you.”

“What did you mean I will have to find you?”

“A female has an instinct to give birth. That same instinct can find true life in this realm of the cosmos. It will happen naturally. You will be disoriented, like awakening from sleep. Something in you will compel you to look for … you won’t exactly what.”

“You have done this before?”

“Once or twice. The first transition of life is the important one. Higher transitions less problematic. You have to WILL yourself to live again. By searching for me, a companion, you are doing that. That WILL in turn starts awakening me.”

“Oh. Cute. Complicated. I am not that old, neither are you, in true life, let’s not rush to the pearly gates. What do you think of terrorists? Insane?”

“Insane? No. It is evolution. A species of life that evolved slightly differently to the norm. Unstoppable force. In the last year the number of incidents, a regular news media event.”

“Can we do something, our dimension, to stop them?”

“I don’t think so. The dimension doesn’t touch those it considers mentally ill. Most lawyers - because they are conditioned to think in a way that is not natural to people. A normal person uses both parts of the brain, the right and left cerebral hemisphere. Mathematicians, musicians, lawyers, learn to use the typical left brain. The logical brain some call it. More and more of the corpus callosum, the tissue connecting the two human brains, becomes detached. Less and less normal information flows across it. That is sad because this often results in loss of friends and relatives. The lawyers left brain is in a kind of devious mode. The normal brain senses this and becomes more and more detached.”

“If this is the case, how is our dimension sensing and detecting and locking onto lawyers, judges, and such?”

“It is detecting, not allowing itself to blend into the thought patterns. Like a virus. Once the virus is in the brain - then when a person speaks to another, now and then the virus can cross the gap and begin setting in another brain. Why are you so interested in this?”

“Curious.” Maria was walking about in this void mental imagery. Nothing much of scenery. “So what is this exactly?”

“A higher level of life. Uhm. It’s like a horizontal field above planet Earth. No end to these.”

Using her WILL strongly, Maria changed the vision to Palermo. The two walking into the main train station.

“Let’s catch a train to Messina.”

The imagery began to form a train ride. Perhaps a two hour journey but in these virtual worlds only a moment of time. They walked out onto the platform, and down, and to the terminal and into the street. They walked to a park with tall trees and sat down on a long seat. A band of musicians with piano accordions in one area, surrounded by an appreciative audience.

“Messina in parts reminds me of Paris.” Maria said.

“I agree.” Darth stretched himself out, his head on her lap, his face toward the musicians. Maria caressing or toying with his hair. “Love. The more time I spend in our heaven, the more I lose an interest in being alive in the body.”

“Don’t do that, don’t lose the interest. Let nature take its course.”

“I am trying. Listen, seriously, can’t we somehow teach our dimension to identify terrorists?”

“I don’t know how. Maybe. It is still like an infant. A few hundred years old is a baby stage for a dimension. But look, overall, as awful as it is, there are not many terrorists compared to the sheer number of tenancy tribunals and the like which are about extortion of as much money as is possible from the very poor. They are God in their own eyes. There are high courts which are about making huge money for lawyers representing opposing parties. Overall, there are so few terrorists. It would not be easy to explain to our dimension what a terrorist is. We would need a precise psychiatric definition, which we don’t have.”

“Yes, dear, but if we can teach our dimension how to detect such - how might we go about this?”

“We would need study the mind, the thought patterns, of those who are still alive and known to be such. Possibly, a terrorist is a realist, seeing the world for what it is - dominated by greed which is natural to Man. Possibly, the key to lock into is why and how this view makes the person want to be a terrorist. Normal people may be just as realistic but also mild and timid and want to avoid problems.”

“You don’t know.” Maria smiled.

“No idea, no.” Darth admitted.

Couples started to dance in this setting. Maria dragged Darth up to do the same. A kind of waltz to the music of the pianoaccordions.

“What do we do about our latest complication?” Maria asked as they waltzed.

“Same as usual. Let matter settle. When each least expects it, the power of our dimension will take revenge. Those who in true life are God in their roles and duties, come face to face with a real god - our dimension.”

“To us Holy and a treasure. To those who show no respect for us, a dimension of terror. Show me some.”



The vision altered rapidly. Maria and Darth imagined floating over bodies of Muslims, in that all were traditionally dressed. The bodies seemed in slow motion, or wriggling.”

“What is this?”

“The start of the dimension of horror. As the mind’s eye begins to become curious about what this is, it becomes worse and worse.”

The vision changed to what seemed a 1940 style black car. Men stepping out, pulling a body out, and bringing it and dumping into a large metal barrel.

“What is this?” Maria asked.

“Stalin’s time. He was quite insane in many ways. One of his punishments for someone who offended him, for whatever reason, was to ensure he was beaten and tossed into a barrel of acid. Few survived. Regularly he would personally watch as the victim tried to get out of the barrel. By that time he or she was too beaten to have the strength to do so.”

The vision changed to what seemed a large room with a big hole in the centre. Men in Hitler’s SS uniforms standing around this hole, other men behind it. Then guns were taken out by the men behind, shots, and the men forward fell dead into the pit.

“And this is?”

“The way to keep the Holocaust secret. Those who regularly planned it, were all killed after a certain period of confinement while working on the mechanics of the Holocaust. The SS who did the killing, likely were told these were traitors or spies.”

“Why are all these visions in the dimension of terror?”

“Because, to a scientific mind, these can be a curiously - but to others, these attract the kind of person who is more that willing to do the same as the imagery shows.”

“Love. Couldn’t we design such a pit for terrorists?”

“You really have a thing about that. Sure - if we understood how. We don’t understand.”

“But are not terrorists drawn to ISIS propaganda?” Maria said.

“I have never seen any. I don’t know what it is like. A person in a certain position making a certain decision might feel they are self-righteous. Try studying the retarded brain of some lawyers, judges, the like. The more than brain attempts to focus on a point of law, the more narrow its scope. After years of this, perhaps less than 1% is used in any serious deliberation. Some lawyers can cope, but these are highly intellectual people. Most can’t. Most begin to regress into small compact areas of brain - their consciousness that is. More and more narrow.”

“Come on. I am sure you can come up with a plan.”

“I would have to meet a terrorist, talk to him.” Darth explained. “My brain would pick up enormous clues about how that other brain and its mental psychology works.”

The imagery changed back to Messina. Darth laying on a seat with his head in Maria’s lap.

“We have one!” Maria exclaimed.

“You have a terrorist?”

“Aha.” Maria nodded. “A few of ours were on a mission in Syria. They came upon one Muslim who started to talk. Thinking they, these were Arab Mafia, were like him - he took them to a bombed house and showed them a suicide vest.”


“So. They nabbed him. Out of Syria and into one of our dungeons. We do have him.”

Darth sat up. “In Sicily?”

“Aha. Not far from Palermo. He speaks fluent English.”

“I might need a few days with him.  But we need to prepare him. Treat him like a king for a time. Give him anything he wants. Make him think and feel we, his captors, secretly admire him. Put him in a large mansion, in a room with an ocean view. Make him see a paradise in front of him.”

“All right. When?”

“I would need to plan this. We can work this out later our usual way. Maybe six months from now? It may take me that long to work out the best approach.”

“All right. I will get to work on that. He refused to say his name, said to call him Mohammed. Could be his name, so common.”


The room had a great ocean view. Maria and Darth walked in after. A man, tall, Arab, perhaps in his late twenties, turned to them suspiciously.

“Hello Mohammed.” Darth smiled as he walked past and to the balcony and leant on the white barrier. The view of the Mediterranean below lovely. Maria came slowly to stand with Darth.

The tall male sat down on the edge of the bed, looking at the two.

“I hear you were ready to die for the Prophet of Islam.” Darth came and sat down on the edge of the bed. Maria came to stand close.

The man spat onto the floor. “No. I had seen too much horror in war. I blame everyone in the Western world.”

“Mohammed.” Darth looked about. “Any idea who these people are who imprisoned you?”


“And they could let you go free, even pay for your passage to … wherever … don’t worry about passports.”


“I want to understand what makes a terrorist. Be truthful with me, and my lovely Mafia love,” Darth pointed to Maria. “May ensure you are set free.”

“Ask.” He shrugged.

“Persuade me, in the way you were persuaded, to understand your cause.”

“No, not understand. I was beaten and drugged then I began to see clearly. See - not understand.”

Darth stood and took Maria’s hand and walked outside.

“I got enough. The dimension can work with that.” He said quietly.

“Sure? Ask more questions.”

“No. It is not what he said, it is his facial expression. Noticed anything unusual?”

“No.” Maria shook her head.

“Normally the left body is controlled by the right brain, and the right side of the body by the left brain. But, if the corpus callosum is injured, the tissue connecting the two brains, not as much communication takes place between the brains. But, facial muscles are connected to the same side of the body. These begin to take over when the corpus callosum is damaged. His facial expressions almost conveyed what he was saying. That is a feature you will find in those with damage to the corpus callosum. So he was beaten, yes, but in a certain way which caused a tear in the callosum. That has to be the key. The dimension can work this out now.”

“If you say so. What do we do with him? The owner of this house wants to get rid of him.”

“I don’t care. Do what you what you want to do.”

“Shouldn’t we take him to our hospital and do some brain scans?”

“A tear is not going to show up. All it may take is a relatively small tear. That will cause a small twitch. The right persuasion during such twitching just might begin to form … like a black hole. … I can’t explain this simply.”