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Large databases with thousands of medical conditions (diseases) associated with a symptom/sign/event pattern. Suitable for personal or professional user. Lab analysis and drug reactions separate functions. A URL can be included to say Merck Professional, so with one click you have all the information in that URL.

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Need to relax? Who doesn’t? Enjoy good classical style science fiction?  Click on cover for link or search for Yipee Lulu.

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5GL-Doctor, Medical Diagnosis Aid/Expert System for Windows (32 or 64 bit), suitable for the personal or professional user. A differential diagnosis tool.

Psychic fiction. The Alluvians are not people, they are born from people after death. A hundred artists may become the gene that forms one Alluvian - born much the same as a human child. From viewing platforms in their City in the Sky they can see Earth’s cities and people. A contest begins. Two royal daughters against two others. A form of sexual mayhem results, subtle and discreet but also striking. The teenage Alluvians enjoy love pools - fantasies.

Only recently (early 2018) a mother was discharged after a Cesarean. Not long after she came to hospital on two occasions. Both times septicemia was missed. The mother sadly died. 5GL-Doctor has a capability to provide warnings and information, and also to run conversations which can be DDX algorithms. A human doctor can miss things. In the above, on the right is the patient history/risk factors list from which you choose and that can alter the short list.

The supplied Conversations and warnings/information messages are examples only. Quite a few, and thorough, but intended to provide the user with examples of how to do this. The Conversations can run medical algorithms by associating a numerical response with an answer and then at the end forming the correct diagnosis based on this, or can run dialogues.

The Shadow Theory is military/intelligence intrigue. Click on cover image to go to Lulu publishing and read a the the first few pages.

A real-life court situation that ought to put every physician and health care provider on edge. A chance meeting between Darth and Helen in a court begins a journey of mysticism and what is defined as Life in the Spirit. Spiritual/mystical chapters or sections include:

Genesis (Third Testament version)

Garden of Eden (Third Testament version)

Jesus and Mary (Third Testament version)

Gospel According to John (Third Testament version)

Struggle of Will (Revelation, Third Testament version)

The complete Third Testament.

A science of a group of psychics. Covers classical science as well as their physics of a dimensional energy, energy that doesn’t understand spatial distance, the primary force of evolution.