5GL-Doctor, Medical Diagnosis Aid/Expert System for Windows (32 or 64 bit), Suitable for the personal and professional user

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A medical diagnosis aid/expert system. Large database with thousands of medical condition names (diseases) associated with a symptom/sign/event pattern. Suitable for personal or professional user. Lab analysis and drug reactions separate functions. Entries in the database, in their description, are intended to aid diagnosis. These rarely contain a complex description, more clues and hints to diagnosis. Treatment information is for the general user only.


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If you have purchased any of the psychic theme books or Yipee or The Most Elusive Scent of All, then the science behind the novels is explained in this book.

Let’s just examine a claim that NASA put a man on the moon, 12 times, and yet will not prove this by pointing the Hubble space telescope at this area off the moon where there is the flag and equipment left behind. According to NASA that telescope can see a planet some 40 trillion kms away as a 1cm disk. Using simple mathematics, that suggests the USA flag would be 8 cm square when seen through that telescope. So easy to see! So why not prove it?

While the Science of Life mentions some such intrigues, it isn’t about such matters. It is about Life and dimensional energy.

Dimensional energy (DE) is a form of energy naturally produced by the human brain and likely any biological organism. DE doesn’t understand spatial distance. A bundle of DE in the brain of person A in Argentina and another in persona B in Moscow, providing these are sufficiently similar, automatically blends forming a dimensional space (DS). A DS is a suitable medium for telepathy and psychic experiences. Communication is using ‘sense’ which each brain learns to equate to its natural language.

A DE reduces “space” in anything. Be it spatial distance or the “space” between opposing points of view. The Science of Life explains the likely reason that works because of how the brain stores and manages information. What is the “space” between 1 and 5? No actual space but the way in which the brain stores information introduces a space between neurons. Thus a DE works on “space” the way the brain knows it, but that equates to being able to reduce the “space” between anything.

The Science of Life has chapters which cover classical science and chapters which are the Science of Life. The science of a community of people defined as Superpsychics. Not psychics in the usual sense. This group forms virtual reality settings during interactions. Much like true-life: houses, shops, outings, families. It is a Way of Life. Most of the novels mentioned on this web site are the result of telepathic virtual reality interactions.

A dimension is a DS that has sparked a consciousness. A mind of its own. Three known dimensions are Andromeda, the Superpsychics Way of Life, the Sicilian Mafia dimension of life which is a variation of Roman Catholic Apostolic Life in the Spirit, and the Hebrew God dimension known as the spirit. The Science of Life provides some insight into heavens.

The Science of Life also presents images of the cosmos the way an unknown source has presented these to the Superpsychics. Also related to evolution on Earth. (Nothing like encyclopaedias sell it as).

In regards to Life in the Spirit, a form of mental telepathy (known as ‘in the spirit’ to those who can do this) that also produces virtual reality type experiences, neither Roman Catholic (the largest of the Christian groups) or Islamic Life in the Spirit has the capability to actually form a spirit in a person. These use a permanent DS referred to as a conceptual plane or Faith Paths. The Catholic DS is likely 2000 years old. It does contain an image of Jesus, but this is tricky because there were many ‘Jesus’ at the time, not just among the Jews but also among the Romans. Jesus is likely the invention of the early church, however, it is possible that is based on one man who might have preached words of wisdom. That is likely the image of that man in the Catholic DS.

(Anyone reading a New Testament has to have their wits about them. Consider the section which mentions Peter taking out his sword and cutting off an ear of a man. Please. The Romans in Jerusalem were like Hitler’s SS. Brutal in the extreme. What Jew in Jerusalem would be allowed to carry a weapon? No one. The New Testament is mostly symbolic. The thirty pieces of silver to Judas to betray Jesus, refer to 30 Ways of Life that existed at the time. A Way of Life in traditional Jewish Life in the Spirit is true Life in the Spirit. In the early years of Christianity, Christians were accepted as a legitimate Jewish Way of Life: The Way of the Cross.)

True Jewish Life in the Spirit has been wiped out in the Holocaust. What emerged are large groups known as Noble Ways. The only true Jewish Life in the Spirit that remained is known as The Holy Way (this Way is too complex for the typical person; more like the Apostles of Jesus). That Way can form a spirit which interfaces to the dimension of God. Over a number of decades members of what are known as Noble Ways (not true Life in the Spirit) but are mostly Jews, and the Superpsychics, had actually rebuild two proper Jewish Life in the Spirit groups: The Way of Wisdom and The Way of Moses. If you interested in this specifically, you are better off purchasing the novel Children of an Everlasting Heaven - Immortal Lord or/and The Way of Immortals. Another novel would be Love and Sex Alluvian Style. A bit cheeky. Has been put in the adult section but it only mentions a few adults concepts and words, so maybe 15+ age group would be a better fit.