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Large database with thousands of medical conditions (diseases) associated with a symptom/sign/event patterns. Suitable for personal or professional user. Lab analysis and drugs and brain symptoms analysis separate functions. In a disease entry a URL can be included to say Merck Professional. If the inquiry is adequate, and a condition is defined on the database very well, then 100% accuracy is expected (i.e. one of the top 5 shortlisted entries will prove the diagnosis). Shortlisted DDX entries are based on mathematical P() calculations. Drop us a line

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5GL-Doctor, Medical Diagnosis Aid/Expert System for Windows (32 or 64 bit), suitable for the personal or professional user. A differential diagnosis tool.

Military/Intelligence intrigue. Missiles are missing from a military base, from and armory monitored 24/7. The two people chosen to investigate appear ill-suited to the task. Russian Mafia the suspect even when the little evidence there is points to China. Katy, a small seven year old, turns out a good investigator and spy.

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